Assessment and Diagnosis

We combine our in-depth knowledge of anatomy and disease processes with a thorough history and assessment to diagnose your problems. In some instances, we may recommend further diagnostic imaging arranged through your GP, to ensure appropriate treatment.

  • Musculoskeletal assessment including clinical diagnostic tests
  • Grip strength testing using a dynamometer
  • Sensibility / sensory testing using monofilaments

Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is an area of advanced practice for physiotherapists and occupational therapists. Practitioners in hand therapy have additional training and qualifications which allows them to manage complex wrist and hand injuries and conditions.

We provide advice and fitting of elbow, wrist and hand braces or splints. Most of our braces are made with thermoplastic materials which can be remoulded for comfort when swelling reduces. Other advantages of thermoplastic splints are that they are removable to allow for wound care and hygiene; weigh much less than plaster casts and can be washed easily.

  • Custom moulded adult / paediatric splints using thermoplastic / neoprene materials
  • Pre-fabricated splints for wrist and hand

At Advanced Hand Clinic, our therapists are qualified to perform complex wound care. We also liaise with your treating surgeon or doctor if we have any concerns regarding wound healing or infection. Care consists of:

  • Post-operative wound dressing
  • Neuro-vascular checks for new skin grafts and flaps
  • Removal of sutures

Scarring is a natural healing process following injury and/or surgery. However on some occasions the body can overproduce the collagen fibres used to form the scar, which makes them thick and raised or stuck to other structures. At Advanced Hand Clinic we aim to ensure scars have a good aesthetic appearance and is not adhered to surrounding tissue. This is achieved by:

  • Prevention using good wound healing principles
  • Silicone products
  • Custom fitted compression garments
  • Desensitisation techniques for hypersensitive scars
  • Scar massage and hydration

Oedema (swelling) is an excess accumulation of fluid in the spaces between the cells and tissue of your body where the injury occurs. Presence of some swelling post injury or after an operation is part of normal healing. However excessive swelling can have a detrimental effect on the healing process. Various therapy techniques can help the body get rid of the excess fluid by moving it out of the affected area. These include:

  • Elevation
  • Compression using garments / bandages / gloves / tubigrip
  • Exercise
  • Massage & lymph drainage techniques
  • Application of cold compress

We provide specialised graded exercise programs based on your injury, condition and demands of your daily functional needs, lifestyle and work goals. We have a variety of tools and equipment that assist in this process.

  • Tailored exercises to restore movement, strength and stability
  • Wrist proprioception and stability exercises
  • Targeted strengthening exercise program of muscle groups
  • Sensory and motor re-education following nerve injuries
  • Functional activity-based rehabilitation programs

At Advanced Hand Clinic, we have a special interest in treating people experiencing chronic pain and a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Pain management may require a team-based approach with yourself, our therapists, GP and pain specialist doctors. Common evidence-based interventions that are used include:

  • Pain education
  • Graded Motor Imagery (NOI groupĀ©) including laterality discrimination, motor imagery and mirror therapy
  • Desensitisation techniques
  • Exercise program and online apps
  • Activity modification education and functional advice
  • Joint protection and energy conservation education for arthritis

It is important that return to work, sports and other recreational activities is carefully planned and organised safely. Communication between the patient, therapist, doctors and workplace at all stages of recovery is most essential. Our aim is to get you back as quickly and safely as possible to get back to doing things that are essential or what you enjoy. Treatment therefore may focus on:

  • Patient education
  • Specialised strengthening program
  • Specialised work hardening programs
  • Taping and bracing for sports
  • Workplace evaluation and ergonomic advice